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to the base by habeas lawyers and activists, those working for civil rights. they want to choke information out of guantanamo because it's all bad. >> michael: it seems also, colonel davis, not only is the information bad but this is not been prioritized. i'm wondering, colonel davis how does this become a priority for the president and the administration? it seems that it's a forgotten thing. is this hunger strike going to work? >> i doubt that it will. there have been hunger strikers before. there have been suicide that didn't get a lot of attention. if you look at the drone program. today the president or the white house is rumored to get the ca out of the drone business because the public is in such an uproar. so it's going to take the public standing up and saying, look, this is not in our interest to waste this money on guantanamo, and we need to close it down. >> michael: colonel morris davis, colonel david remes. thank you for sharing your expertise and insights with us. when we come back, we've been talking about guantanamo for 11, 12 years now we still can't seem to talk about gun
. they moved ships out during the civil war figuring the optics just didn't look right. cenk: it's not like your ships break down all the time, oh, right, they do. what difference does it make the american taxpayers pay for it. in the case of carnival, who has the more corrupt government, panama that lets them get away with no regulation or attaches or us when we let them get away with it plus pay for rescuing them over and over. >> i think the u.s. government is pretty -- they're afraid to stand up to the industry. the industry hasn't passed. at the time, congress has begun to consider legislation that would bring them in, they said well, if you bring in regulations, we're going to move our ships someplace else. for whatever reason, members of congress members of the senate actually believe that. cenk: so what! >> they have no place else to go. cenk: so what, you don't pay travels. the guys working on the ships are oftentimes not at all american. what would we lose? oh, we would lose your ability to get american customers which make up what percentage of their customers are american? >> we
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2